Bamboo Quilt Covers

Bamboo Quilt Covers

The bamboo fabric makes our bamboo quilt covers incredibly comfortable and conducive to restful nights and lazy lay-ins. The unique technology has allowed us to create a bamboo quilt cover that combines sophisticated breathability with old-fashioned comfort. Crafted from the finest bamboo fabrics, this bed cover provides ultimate coziness. With a sateen weave to create a smooth, luxe texture, wrap yourself in this cover for the best sleep you’ve ever had.


About Linenly Bamboo Quilt Covers

Bamboo quilt covers are the perfect covers for all-year-round bedding. Soft, silky and luxurious, the unparalleled quality and comfort of bamboo bedding are why so many are making the switch from traditional bedding materials. Not only do bamboo doona covers look and feel great, but they are also beneficial to your health and entirely eco-friendly.

Naturally antibacterial and moisture resistant, bamboo should be your go-to choice when selecting your bedding. Bamboo fibres naturally fight and resist dust mites, bacteria growth, and moisture build-up. Perfect for those with sensitive or reactive skin, bamboo quilt covers are incredibly gentle, resistant, and breathable. The hypoallergic properties of our bamboo doona covers mean that allergy sufferers can enjoy a blissful, undisturbed and comfortable sleep.

Lightweight and breathable, our bamboo quilt covers are temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking. Where bacteria can often build-up on cotton and similar fabrics, bamboo doona covers offer ventilation that will keep the body’s warm within the colder months and dry and cool within the warmer months. Our bamboo textiles are perfect for warm climates and hot sleepers as the fibres allow for a naturally breathable layer, preventing overheating.

Here at Linenly, we are passionate about the benefits of bamboo textiles and quilt covers because we truly believe the quality of bamboo materials is unrivalled. Bamboo as a plant is an entirely regenerative and sustainable source, making it entirely eco-friendly and green. Bamboo is also naturally biodegradable, leaving minimal carbon footprint for generations to come. Our bamboo quilt covers are OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring that every step of the process leaves out any nasties. This means that not only are you investing in a renewable source, but the manufacturing process for your bedding is without any harmful practices. Aside from these incredible advantages, bamboo fibres make for luxurious, silk-like soft textiles that revolutionise one’s sleeping environment.

Bamboo fibres are also long-lasting and durable, ensuring that your quilt covers are resistant to pilling, tearing, and general wearing. Our flexible and reliable bamboo quilt covers will also retain their silk-like softness and lavish lustre long after countless washes. We only use premium, long-strand bamboo fibres to make our bamboo duvet covers. These strands are stretched across the entire length of the duvet cover, preventing any wear over time. Because of this premium process, bamboo duvet covers tend to outlast their counterparts.

When choosing a quilt cover, it goes without saying that the most important element is the way it feels. Often, we buy quilts and quilt covers because we like the way they feel against our skin – whether it be soft, comforting, or luxurious. When you purchase quilt covers made from bamboo, quality is not compromised to offer these elements. And softness is not compromised for quality. With bamboo, you have all of the luxuries of silky-smooth textures with the benefit of strong, durable and flexible materials.

In addition to being incredibly soft, antibacterial, and environmentally friendly, our bamboo quilt covers are guaranteed to provide an exquisite night’s sleep. When it comes down to getting a fulfilling night’s rest, there is so much to be said for relying on quality materials. Pair your bamboo doona cover with our bamboo fitted sheets, flat sheets, and pillowcases for the ultimate natural bedding set.

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