Bamboo Bedding

Bamboo Quilt Covers

The bamboo fabric makes our bamboo quilt covers incredibly comfortable and conducive to restful nights and lazy lay-ins. The unique technology has allowed us to create a bamboo quilt cover that combines sophisticated breathability with old-fashioned comfort. Crafted from the finest bamboo fabrics, this bed cover provides ultimate coziness. With a sateen weave to create a smooth, luxe texture, wrap yourself in this cover for the best sleep you’ve ever had.


Bamboo Fitted Sheets & Pillow Cases

Embrace a better night’s sleep with our organic bamboo fitted sheet and pillowcase set. It is simply a dream to sleep on for people who don’t need a top sheet but still want luxury, comfort and eco-friendly softness in their bed. Our fitted sheets are designed with deep sides and will fit a large mattress perfectly.


Bamboo Pillowcase Set

Our beautiful pillowcase set includes two bamboo pillowcases, made for your standard Australian pillows. Woven with premium bamboo fabric, these pillowcases are ultra-soft and extremely breathable. Each envelope pillowcase has a reverse flap, carefully designed to keep your pillow snugly inside and reducing any slippage interrupting your sleep. They’ll be fantastic additions to your bedroom that you’ll love from the first sleep.


Bamboo Cot Sheets

Snuggle your little ones into these soothingly soft bamboo cot sheets! Organically sourced, sustainable bamboo makes this an essential companion for sensitive, newborn skin, naturally preventing moisture build-up and bacteria that may become harmful long-term. Bamboo fabric is also softer, greener and easier to maintain than most alternatives.


The Linenly Bamboo Bedding Range

Linenly’s bamboo bed sheets are breathable, silky smooth, luxurious and lightweight. The silky fibres make for an inherently lush and lavish sleeping experience while also offering unparalleled strength and flexibility. Coupled with an entirely sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing process, switching to bamboo bedding is one of the best things you can do for both yourself and the environment.

Free from pesticides, formaldehyde, carcinogenic dyes and all harmful chemical processing, our range of bamboo bed sheets are entirely sustainably sourced and manufactured. Linenly’s luxurious, super soft and hypoallergenic bamboo bedding makes for both a comfortable and tranquil sleeping environment.

The benefits of sleeping in bamboo bedding are bountiful. Linenly’s bamboo bed sheets are breathable, thermo-regulating, hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant. The fibres of bamboo bedding work to regulate body temperature by removing moisture away from the skin. Making for the perfect bedding year-round, bamboo bed sheets keep your body warm in the winter months and cool and dry throughout summer.

Bamboo fibres work to eliminate moisture, keeping your body fresh, dry and clean throughout the night. The properties of bamboo are naturally resistant to bacteria, which is perfect for those with hypersensitivity and reactive skin. Discouraging allergies, dust mites, and bacteria build-up, bamboo bed sheets keep the skin cool, the bed clean, and provide the perfect hygienic sleeping environment.

When looking for new bedding, a primary concern should be how comfortable your bed sheets are. Your bed should offer a sanctuary; a space wherein you can let go of the stresses of each day and wake up with a fresh start for the next. Linenly’s organic bamboo bedding provides an enormous advantage over other types of bed sheets when it comes to comfort. Our bamboo bed sheets are incredibly soft to touch, surpassing the comfort of traditional cotton fabrics. There is truly nothing like slipping in between soft and silky bamboo sheets after a long day – bamboo textures provide an exquisite, unmatched luxurious feel.

While bamboo bed sheets made from Linenly are incredibly soft and smooth, the fibres from the bamboo plant mean that the bedding is also very flexible and durable. We ensure that our bamboo bed sheets are manufactured with premium organic bamboo fibres that are stretched across the entire length of the sheet, making them less likely to tear and wear than traditional cotton fabrics.

The moisture-wicking benefits, in combination with bamboo’s dense fibre patterns, mean that our bed sheets retain their brand-new appearance and feel for many years to come. With no need for harsh chemicals and softeners to keep bamboo bed sheets in check, your bamboo bedding will retain their plushness even after thousands of washes.

In addition to being incredibly soft, anti-bacterial, and environmentally friendly, our bamboo bed sheets are guaranteed to provide you with a sound sleep. When it comes down to getting a good, fulfilling night’s rest, our bamboo bed sheets will do just that. Check out our extensive and luxurious range of bamboo bedding at Linenly today.