How to Wash Bamboo Bed Sheets

Hypoallergenic, silky smooth, breathable and sustainable, bamboo sheets provide the perfect combination of a luxurious and comfortable sleeping environment every night. With the softest, most exquisite textiles on the planet, it is imperative that you learn to care for your bamboo bedding to keep it caring for you, for longer.

As a proud owner of bamboo bedding, it’s essential that you take the time to learn how to wash bamboo bed sheets properly if you want them to last. While bamboo textiles are notoriously strong, long-lasting, and durable, they do need extra care when being washed to extend their longevity and keep them silky smooth.

Below we’ve put together a basic guide on how to wash bamboo bed sheets, caring for your bamboo bedding, and bamboo sheets washing instructions for drying and removing stains from your bamboo bedding. 


How To Wash Bamboo Bed Sheets

While washing your bedding may seem simple enough, special care needs to be taken to care for bamboo textiles correctly. To increase the longevity and keep bamboo sheets in good condition for longer, there are several steps that you can take to wash your bamboo bed sheets properly. Here are some basic tips to remember before getting on to the bamboo sheets washing instructions:

In terms of how to wash bamboo bed sheets for Linenly products, all of our bamboo sheets and bedding products come with clear washing and care instructions, unique to the product and what is required for the bamboo fibres. If you haven’t already purchased your own set of luxurious bamboo sheets for your bedroom, check out our extensive and affordable range. 

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During the warmer months, we recommend bamboo sheets are washed every 7-10 days. In summer, we tend to sweat a lot more in our sleep, so it’s essential to keep the sheets clean and fresh to avoid a build-up of dirt and bacteria.

During the cooler months, you can leave your bamboo sheets for 10-14 days before washing them. Less sweating in winter means that the sheets can continue providing anti-bacterial properties for longer without needing such frequent washing.

We also recommend that you wash your brand-new sheets before you use them. While bamboo sheets are well-known for being soft, silky, and comfortable, they can sometimes feel a little bit stiff when packaged. Giving them a pre-use wash will ensure that they deliver maximum softness and breathability from the very first time that you sleep in your bamboo sheets. 


Bamboo Sheets Washing Instructions

  1. Give your new sheets a pre-use wash to soften them up
  2. Wash your bamboo sheets separately from other items in the machine
  3. Use only mild or liquid biodegradable detergents
  4. Choose a cold wash (maximum of 30 degrees) on a gentle cycle
  5. Air dry your bamboo sheets
  6. After washing and drying, lay sheets flat on the bed to drape naturally and avoid wrinkles

tips for caring for your bamboo sheets

Can I Machine Wash My Bamboo Sheets?

Yes. Machine washing is absolutely fine for your new bamboo sheets. If you want to take extra care of your new bamboo bedding, be sure to put them on a gentle cycle on your machine. In terms of how to wash bamboo bed sheets, machine washing is generally recommended on a gentle wash over hand washing.

Bamboo sheets wash and retain their quality when washed in cold water, as continuous hot water washing has the potential to shrink bamboo fibres. It’s best to avoid washing in hot water altogether, however, if a lukewarm wash will be just fine for your bamboo sheets. It’s also important to note that you should be using a natural detergent, like the Laundress Signature Detergent on your bamboo sheets.

Do NOT use any fabric softeners when machine washing your bamboo sheets. Bamboo fibres are incredibly soft alone, and fabric softeners will only compromise the integrity of your bamboo bedding. Bamboo sheets will retain their natural softness after each wash, so please, do not use any fabric softeners when cleaning. 


Can You Tumble Dry Bamboo Sheets?

Technically you can tumble dry bamboo sheets; however, it is recommended that you instead line dry your bedding to preserve the fibres, colours and elasticity. If you have to use a tumble dryer to dry your bamboo sheets, choose the lowest heat and low tumble cycle.

Air drying is the best method of drying to care for your bamboo sheets. Not only does letting the sun dry bamboo sheets prolong the fibres, but it leaves your bedding feeling extra clean, crisp and will straighten out any wrinkles. 


Can You Wash A Bamboo Pillow in The Washer?

If you have bamboo pillows, it’s important to regularly clean them to avoid a build-up of dirt, skin, oils and sweat over time. Where bamboo pillowcases can go in the washing machine with bamboo sheets, the answer to “can you wash a bamboo pillow in the washer?” is quite simply, no.

Bamboo pillows are typically made and blended with other materials, and in order to retain their shape, firmness and elasticity, bamboo pillows will need to be hand-washed. If you have a bamboo pillow, it is recommended that you gently soak and wash it in a bathtub or sink, with a natural detergent. 


Removing Stains from Bamboo Sheets

It’s pretty normal to find the odd stain on your bedding every now and then. The important thing to remember when your bamboo sheets become stained is to never use bleach. Bleach is far too harsh for bamboo fibres and will eat a hole in the delicate bamboo sheets.

To safely remove stains from your bamboo sheets, you can use an eco-friendly pre-soak or stain remover on the affected areas. As long as the products are gentle and eco-friendly, they will keep your bamboo sheets light and bright without damaging the bamboo fibres.

how to remove stains from bamboo sheets

How to Get Body Oil Out of Bamboo Sheets?

Though bamboo sheets are durable, body oil stains can be tough to remove. Products that are rich in oils may leave significant marks on your bamboo bedding. If this is the case, we recommend applying a mild vinegar and water treatment to remove the stains before moving on to an eco-friendly pre-soak or stain remover product. 

A mixture of vinegar and water can actually treat most stains on bamboo sheets. Prepare a mixture of one-part vinegar to four parts water, applying it to the stain for a couple of hours. If you’re still wondering how to get body oil out of bamboo sheets after trying vinegar, apply a natural stain removing soak. For more stubborn stains, try an enzyme-based stain remover, ensuring that any product that you use does not contain chlorine.

Hopefully, this guide on how to wash bamboo bed sheets will help you to give your bamboo bedding the best possible care. While bamboo sheets are incredibly long-lasting and durable, a little bit of extra love can go a long way in prolonging that luxurious sleeping experience. If you have any questions about our bamboo sheets and how to care for them, do not hesitate to get in touch us at Linenly.