Bed Sizes Australia Guide

Choosing from the range of bed sizes Australia offers can be exhausting. However, finding the right mattress is essential to getting a good night’s rest.

There are a variety of beds on the market, ranging from variations in size and materials; however, when you’re moving to a new home or looking to replace an old bed, finding the right size mattress is paramount to good quality sleep.

There are six standard mattress sizes in Australia: the single bed, the king single, double size, queen size, king size, and super king size. So, which one is right for you?

There are a few practical considerations to keep in mind when choosing a mattress size:

Bed sizes australia things to think about

  • The size of your bedroom
  • Your height and weight
  • Whether you share a bed with a partner
  • The number of pillows you use
  • Your sleep style and how much personal room you like

Finding the right size bed to fit your sleeping arrangements is daunting. Continue reading for the exact measurements of each bed and to learn more about the different bed sizes Australian retailers offer.

Single Bed Size Australia

The single bed size in Australia is 91.5 x 190cm.

Single mattresses are ideal for solo sleepers, children, teenagers, and small adults.

With dimensions measuring 91.5 centimetres by 190 centimetres, a single bed is compact enough to fit perfectly in smaller rooms, bunk beds, boarding houses, studio apartments, and guest rooms on the petite side.

King Single Bed Size Australia

The king single bed size in Australia is 105.5 x 203 cm. 

For those who feel they’ve outgrown the single bed, the king single offers comfort and ample legroom, keeping your feet from hanging over the end of the bed.

King singles comfortably sleep one person and are perfect for those above average height, who need more length than a single bed, without compromising space in their room. King singles are a popular size for smaller rooms and guest rooms.  

Investing in a king single can save you money in the long term by giving you the advantage of not needing to buy another bed for a growing child.  

Double Bed Size Australia 

The double bed size in Australia is 138.5 x 190 cm.

A double bed size Australia measures 138.5 centimetres in width and 190 centimetres in length. Double beds give teenagers and adults more width than a single bed and room for a furry friend.

A double mattress is a perfect solution for a single adult who enjoys spreading out and needs more sleeping space than a single bed to feel comfortable. Double beds are idyllic for individuals who desire extra sleeping room or for older children who have outgrown their single beds.

Queen Bed Size Australia

The queen size bed in Australia is 152.5 x 203cm. 

Queen sized beds are the most popular mattress size in Australia. Why? Generally, because the queen size bed Australia-wide is the ideal size for two people. 

Queen size beds australia

Dimensions measure 152.5 centimetres wide by 203 centimetres long. A queen can comfortably accommodate two adults or one adult and their pet. Queen beds are slightly larger than double mattresses, providing plenty of stretch-out room. For couples, you both can comfortably sleep in different positions with a queen mattress.   

King Bed Size Australia

The king size bed in Australia is 183.5 x 203 cm.

A king size bed can comfortably sleep two adults, even with pets or when children climb into the bed at night. King mattresses are the same size as two king single beds placed together, so you can opt to buy two king singles to create a king.

There is sufficient room for two people to stretch and sprawl out comfortably, which is terrific if you sleep in the same bed as someone who is a bit of a wild sleeper! A king bed fills the space beautifully in larger bedrooms.

Before purchasing a king mattress, ensure it fits into the intended room through doorways. Due to their size, king beds can be very awkward to manoeuvre through stairwells and hallways.

Super King Bed

The super king size mattress is a whopping 203 x 203 cm. 

Super king mattresses are the largest standard bed sizes Australia offers. Measuring 203 centimetres by 203 centimetres, the super king is the perfect square and 21 centimetres wider than a king. It provides generous space for couples and can easily accommodate two adults with several children or pets in the bed. 

When you sleep on a super king mattress, you might forget that you’re sharing a bed because each adult gets 102 centimetres of space to themselves. They are an investment in your sleep that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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