5 Tricks To Improve Your Sleep


Lack of quality sleep can negatively impact your cognitive capacity and ruin your physical and emotional stability. Here are five tricks to help you improve your sleep: 


1. Block out the light


It is easier to fall asleep and remain asleep longer in the dark. Light tricks your mind to boost your alertness and keep you awake at night. But when you switch off the lights, your melatonin levels rise, energy levels go down, and you begin to fall asleep. Remember that light from your gadgets' screens gives a similar effect. Thus, it’s best to avoid using your phone or the computer in bed. 



2. Review your diet 


Your diet dramatically affects your ability to fall and remain asleep. If you eat food that's rich in carbs and saturated fat, you may experience disrupted sleep. However, adjusting it to a diet rich in whole grains and leafy greens can guarantee you better sleep. Remember to keep off other stimulants like caffeine and alcohol as well, since its effects last for up eight hours. 



3. Exercise for better sleep 


Aerobic exercises are critical in managing mental and physical health. By working out a few times a week, you alleviate all forms of depression and anxiety symptoms that can make it difficult to fall asleep. But avoid exercising three hours before your bedtime since this can keep you awake longer. 



4. Get some dedicated wind-down time 


Dedicate the last 20 to 30 minutes before bedtime to doing things that relax you. Consider taking a warm bath, changing into some warm pyjamas and sipping some chamomile tea to wind down. 


5. Get the right bedding 


While you carry your running shoes and music playlist to the gym, you similarly need quality bedroom essentials to fall asleep. You need to sleep on a comfortable mattress, pillows, and bamboo sheets every night.


Bamboo bedding is not only luxurious, but they also absorb sweat off your skin to keep you dry all night long. Amazingly, the fabric regulates the body temperature by keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.


Linenly believes in the magic of bamboo sheets in helping you sleep better. Contact us today to enjoy the immense benefits of bamboo fabric. 

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