Bamboo Cot Sheets

Bamboo Cot Sheets

Creating the perfect environment for your little ones to rest in is imperative to supporting a healthy baby and a healthy sleeping pattern. Organic bamboo sets are super-soft, hypoallergenic, lightweight and offer bacteria-resistant properties. The textiles that are used in bamboo cot sheets will keep your baby warm in winter, cool in summer, as well as clean, healthy and comfortable in bed.

Linenly is pleased to offer a range of bamboo cot sheet sets that are deliciously soft and silky, perfect for a baby's delicate and sensitive skin. Bundle your little ones in natural, organic and high-quality sheets that come with the superior and plentiful benefits of organic bamboo textiles.

Our bamboo cot sheets are organically sourced, soothingly soft, breathable and luxurious. The gender-neutral styles of our sateen cot sets offer beautiful and simplistic designs to complement your children’s bedroom. Not only do our bamboo cot sets look great, but they promote good health and a comforting setting for babies. The ideal companion for delicate, newborn skin, bamboo fibres are naturally moisture-wicking and bacteria resistant. Bamboo sheets are lightweight, absorbent, hypoallergenic, odour resistant, and thermo-regulating. 

1 product

1 product

When you purchase a set of bamboo bedding, you're supporting a sustainable and ethical material that is entirely sourced organically. Bamboo itself is naturally sustainable, eco-friendly and offers a manufacturing process that leaves a minimal footprint. Bamboo plants are grown without any chemicals, and bamboo sheets are manufactured without any harmful processes.

The textures used in bamboo sets are incredibly soft, silky and comfortable to sleep in. Lulling your baby to sleep, bamboo sheets will provide a luxuriously snugly and soothing space in every season of the year. Lightweight and cooling, bamboo is the perfect fibre for cots as babies can’t regulate their temperatures. Relying on high-quality sheets, you can make sure that your little one does not get too hot or cold during the night.

Stronger than alternative sheet materials, bamboo cot sheets can be continuously washed and used while maintaining their softness and quality. Our bamboo cot sheet sets are incredibly durable, flexible, and long-lasting. We understand that in order to provide the perfect sleeping environment for your baby, you need to rely on materials that are both durable and gentle. That’s why we’re so confident in our organic bamboo cot sheet sets for your nursery.

Internationally certified by OEKO-TEX regulations and 100% organic, bamboo cot sheets are entirely free from pesticides, harsh manufacturing processes, and any nasties. Keep your little one protected with the silky sustainability of organic bamboo cot bedding. Our bamboo cot sheet sets include one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and a pillowcase made from pure organic bamboo fibres. All of our bamboo sets are OEKO-TEX certified, free from harmful chemicals, and made to fit standard Australian cot mattresses.

Check out our full range of bamboo cot sheets with sateen weave at Linenly today. Offering quality products at competitive prices, all of our bamboo bed sheets come with reliable and affordable shipping Australia wide.

Features & Benefits of Bamboo Cot Sheets

  • Made with 100% pure organic bamboo
  • Rich 400 thread count sateen weave, exceeds the feel of 1000 thread count cotton
  • Ultra-soft and breathable
  • Hypoallergenic, free from harmful chemicals and ideal for sensitive skin
  • BJ025 179096.1 TESTEX