Slip Into A Cool Night Of Sleep With Bamboo Sheets


Bamboo sheets are growing in popularity as people switch onto this new fabric choice. However, did you know that they are an especially great choice for hot sleepers? Here are some of the reasons that people find bamboo sheets to be the coolest choice when it comes to bedding.  


Moisture Wicking


One of the great features of bamboo sheets is that they are moisture wicking, so if you are a person who sweats when they sleep moisture will be drawn away from your skin. This keeps you much more comfortable, which can help to improve the quality of sleep as well as helping to avoid moisture-related skin issues like heat rash. This evaporation also provides a cooling effect which is ideal on a hot night.  




While many sheets feel light, bamboo is also very breathable which makes it a great choice for hot nights. This keeps air flowing near the skin and can help you to enjoy the reduction in heat as the night continues. The effect of breathability is maximised when you opt for a full bamboo or bamboo cotton or silk blend, rather than a blend featuring polyesters or man-made fibres. 




One of the unpleasant side effects of being a hot sleeper and sweating, even if the sweat dries off, is that the fabric of the bed linen can start to accumulate a naturally musky, 'body odour' smell. While the best way to avoid this is to wash sheets regularly, this can be hard to balance against the other time constraints of a busy lifestyle. Bamboo sheets are naturally microbial which helps to keep bugs at bay and keeps bed linen smelling as fresh as possible between washes, which can make for much more pleasant nights of sleep during the hot months.


If you are looking to have a comfortable night of sleep if can be worth investing in a quality set of bamboo sheets. Quality bamboo sheets wear well over many washes and stay feeling and smelling fresh longer. They are a great investment as they will help to improve the quality of your sleep by helping you feel more cooler and comfortable.





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