Six Things To Know About Washing And Drying Your Bamboo Sheets


Night after night, as you drift off into blissful sleep, you'll surely appreciate the feel of stunning bamboo sheets against your skin. To make the most of them, here are six important tips to help make the most of this amazing product...


1. Wash your new sheets before first using them 


This is the best way to ensure that they deliver maximum softness and breathability from the very first time you slip between your new bamboo sheets.   


2. An effective wash 


It's best to wash your bamboo sheets in a cold wash (maximum of 30 degrees) and using a liquid detergent. We also suggest you wash them separately from other items. 


3. Two products never to use 


Be careful never to add either bleach or a fabric softener to your wash. Both these products can cause serious damage to the fabric; in fact bamboo sheets retain their natural softness even after washing. 


4. How to dry your bamboo sheets 


You can use a tumble dry cycle, removing your sheets the moment the drying process is complete to prevent wrinkling. Make sure you use the lowest heat and gentlest tumble settings. However we do recommend that you air dry them laid out flat on a line if possible. This helps straighten them out.   


5. Whether to iron your bamboo sheets


You can iron them, making sure you use a very low heat setting. However, although bamboo sheets can look slightly wrinkled after washing and drying, they actually drape very well. If you lay your sheets flat on your bed after they've been washed and dried, by the time you're heading for the land of dreams, they should be flat, fresh, and thoroughly welcoming. 


6. How to avoid shrinkage 


Our bamboo sheets have been both pre-washed and pre-shrunk before we provide them for you. So as long as you follow the tips above, there should be little or no further shrinkage. In fact, we have even added a small margin to the stated size of our sheets to provide for any minimal shrinkage. 


Enjoying your bamboo sheets


We hope the above has provided a simple guide to help you make the most of this exquisite sleep product. If you have any further questions, our helpful and experienced linenly team are always happy to help. You can email us here:



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