How Bamboo Sheets Protect You From Bacteria

For anyone looking to enjoy a better night's sleep, bamboo sheets are a unique, organic and skin-safe alternative to typical cotton bed sheets. Grown organically and harvested without pesticides or herbicides, bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and biodegradable. Bamboo contains a naturally occurring substance known as "bamboo-kun". Bamboo-kun is an antimicrobial agent that gives bamboo its natural resistance towards pest and fungi infestations. For this reason, there is no need for the use of pesticides in bamboo production. When bamboo is spun into fibres and subsequently made into sheets, it retains this natural resistance against bacteria.

Why you should avoid traditional cotton bed sheets

Unfortunately, traditional cotton bed sheets provide an easy environment for unwanted irritants such as dust mites and germs to breed and spread. Because of the absorbent nature of cotton fibres, sleeping several nights in a row in cotton bedding can create a humid and moist environment. Dust mites and bacteria are attracted to these damp environments, turning your bed into a damaging environment for your body, skin and hair.

Bamboo textiles can heal skin irritation and infection   

Antimicrobial and antibacterial textiles such as bamboo sheets have been proven not only to protect against skin irritation and infection, but also to cure existing damage. In one study, 50 individuals suffering from athlete's foot, a fungal infection, were given socks made from antibacterial fibres. Within two to six days, the sores associated with athelete's foot had disappeared from the sufferers' feet.

In the same way, sleeping on bamboo sheets can help heal or prevent damage to skin that is suffering from allergic reactions, irritation and/or infection. While traditional bed sheets can trap moisture and create an environment ripe for bacterial growth, bamboo sheets do the opposite - they act as a barrier against moisture, keeping your bed dry, clean and completely bacteria-free. Other unwanted nasties such as dust mites are also deterred by the breathable, non-absorbent and anti-bacterial properties of bamboo bed sheets. 

If you are yearning for the cleanest, skin-safe and germ-free sleep you have had in your life, leave traditional bedding behind and incorporate bamboo sheets into your nightly self-care routine.

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