Four Key Things To Look For When Buying Bamboo Sheets

Sleep experts recommend that we spend at least eight hours wrapped in bed sheets every night. There is a minority of people that can sleep anywhere and through anything, but for others, many things affect their ability to catch some quality sleep. Bamboo bed sheets are no longer just a five-star resort secret - you can have them in your own bedroom! Here are four key things to look for when buying bamboo sheets.

1. Shrinkage factor

Find out if the bamboo sheets shrink after washing, like most standard bed sheets. Shrinkage is greatly reduced when you buy quality bamboo sheets because they are usually pre-shrunk. After a few washes, the sheet should fit your bed perfectly. Remember to follow all the specific care instructions to keep the bamboo fibres intact.

2. Material

Find out if the bed sheets are blended or are purely bamboo. 100% organically grown bamboo makes the best bed sheets because it's way softer than blended fabrics. Pay attention to the fabric labels to know what the bed sheets are made of before you place an order. 

3. Weave

The mode of weaving can significantly impact how the sheets feel. Consider twill-woven or sateen bamboo bed sheets when shopping for your next pieces. The twill weaves make the fabric durable, unlikely to tear, strong, and amazing to sleep on. Opt for sateen if you want a softer and more luxurious texture for your bamboo sheets. If all the care instructions are followed, your bamboo sheets will remain soft and maintain their natural lustre for a long time.  

4. Guarantee of quality

Inferior bamboo products are all over the market. Is your retailer confident of the quality of their bamboo bed sheets? Are they ready to honour their guarantee of quality? Make sure you are always receiving value for your money by doing your research.  

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