Choose A Bamboo Pillowcase For Better Hair


You might be surprised to hear that your sleeping arrangements can affect how good your hair looks. If you've been struggling with broken strands and damaged lengths, the solution could be some bamboo sheets and a pillowcase.


Why your sheets affect your hair


Materials like flannel, linen, and cotton cause a lot of friction in the night, particularly if you're a restless sleeper and toss and turn often. This causes hair to break and become tangled, meaning you may also tug more when brushing. No matter how well you take care of your strands, if you're undoing all your hard work while asleep, your hair will never look its best. 


How to stop it


Some people choose to wear a scarf over their head to prevent their hair from breaking, which can work if you're willing to take the time to carefully wrap it around your head before you go to sleep. Others may mistakenly tie their hair up, but this can cause even more harm. A loose plait is the best option in terms of style, but rough sheets will still cause breakage as your head moves. 


Choose bamboo


The easiest solution is choosing a bamboo pillowcase. The material is smooth and soft, meaning hair will slide easily over it. You'll experience less frizziness and your blow dry or hairstyle could even last a couple of days longer, giving you that salon look as soon as you wake up. 


Although silk is another recommended material, the rounded fibre of bamboo feels just as soft and much more breathable. This breathability keeps you cool and means you're less likely to need to wash your hair as often in the summer, as sweat will be quickly wicked away. Being naturally antibacterial, it also promotes a healthier scalp and keeps your hair cleaner for longer. You may find your hair smells fresher between washes, as fewer germs will build up on your pillow. 


At Linenly, we have a huge range of high-quality bamboo sheets and pillowcases on offer. Unlock the secret to amazing hair and experience the comfort of a restful night wrapped in bamboo. 

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