Best Ways to Include More Bamboo in Your Home

Are you looking to substitute items around your home with a much more sustainable product? Bamboo products are the way to go.

Bamboo as we know is a grass which continues to gain popularity as it can be used as a substitute for a variety of different items in or outside your home. Bamboo is a renewable and sustainable resource that is used as a replacement for food, hardwood, textiles and even buildings. If you’d like to know how you can incorporate bamboo in your home, keep reading!


Bedroom - Bamboo Sheets

Here at Linenly, we’ve made it easier for customers to incorporate organic and ethically made products in their bedrooms. We offer our customers the materials to protect their mattress and enhance their sleep. We understand the importance of having a good night’s sleep and the impact sheets can have on your health and comfort. We offer flat, fitted and cot sheets for the initial layers of the bedding. This provides customers with a comfortable base to sleep on and a number of other benefits as discussed in one of our previous blog posts. All members of the family can have a bed fitted with quality sheets ranging from cot to king sized beds. Our prices range from $159.95- $239.95 for flat or fitted sheets and $79.95 for cot sheets. 

In addition to sheets, we offer bamboo pillow cases and bamboo quilt covers to complete the bedding. Our quilt covers are breathable and stylish available in white, silver and charcoal ranging from $169.95- $219.95. Our pillowcases are only $44.95 and are a great investment for the quality of your hair as pillowcases affect your quality of hair long term. Bamboo mattresses are also available in retail stores for those who would like a comfortable and eco friendly mattress to complete their bedroom. 


Kitchen - Bamboo Sheets

Another area in the home in which bamboo can be useful for is the kitchen. Bamboo is great for kitchen substitutes such as cutlery, cooking utensils, chopping and serving boards, serving trays, bowls, plates and even napkins. These products are not only useful in the long run, but also stylish and can be used as decor around the kitchen. For those that use single use plastic items and are looking to use more environmentally friendly products, bamboo is for you. Bamboo products can be bought in bulk and thrown away at ease, having no effect on the environment. Unlike plastic, bamboo is biodegradable and compostable which can help the environment. The kitchen is the perfect area to begin bamboo substitution as it is the heart of the home where the most products are used and often wasted. 

Bathroom and toilet:

Bathroom and Toilet -  Bamboo Sheets

The bathroom and toilet is a place of cleanliness and often shared. Being a shared area, this means towels used to wash your hands are also used by other members in the house. Cotton sheets and towels spread germs and bacteria which are then transferred to all those that use it. However, substituting cotton bath sheets and towels with bamboo will protect your skin from germs and bacteria. How does completing your shower with a nice germ free bamboo towel sound? Drying you off and leaving you clean (and germ free). 

Toothbrushes are used multiple times daily and are extremely important. Dentists recommend changing toothbrushes every three months. Four toothbrushes per person will be thrown out every year and often they are non-biodegradable. Substitute your ordinary toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush to make a change for the better, with four less items affecting the environment. Other items such as toilet paper, cotton buds and tissues are items used daily worldwide. Bamboo toilet paper and tissue is much softer and stronger than ordinary toilet paper and tissue, which can be harmful to the skin as chemicals are often used for production. 


Furniture - Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo has been used to create furniture for all areas around the home, including outdoor and indoor. Items to incorporate around the house include rugs, dining settings, sofas, chandeliers and even art pieces. These products are long lasting, easy to look after and can be cleaned easily. These products bring a sense of livelihood and colour in your home. If you like to change around your decor and furniture regularly, you can do so knowing the disposal of your products will not affect the environment. 

Here at Linenly, we provide our customers with high quality bamboo bed sheets for all to benefit. We support the use of bamboo for all areas in your home, to benefit not only our customers, but more importantly the environment.